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Yes, that title is totally a reference to Marvin Gaye. I am just that cool. I guess this is going to be a random, week-in-review, brain dump kind of post. My calendar tells me it’s Thursday (I have no other way to know honestly) but this week seems longer than most. Our (extremely old, runs on diesel oil) furnace went out on Tuesday, so we had to get a guy to come out to inspect and tune it up. At the same time we realized our oil tank, yes we have a giant oil tank in our backyard, was nearly empty.

We got the tank filled, which cost $865. Sigh. What makes this all the more disturbing is that the tank was full when we moved around the 1st of October, so apparently heating our house costs around $275/month. Awesome, obviously.

So Cormac and I spent the day bundled up and freezing waiting to be rescued by the furnace repair dude. Um, well it’s Seattle so “freezing” is relative, but still, you know, it was a bit chilly for sure.

He finally came, was here an hour, and left us with a working furnace. So imagine our surprise when at 7am the next morning, we came downstairs to a 59 degree house and non-running furnace. Double sigh. Again, an entire day spent waiting. The furnace has now been “fixed” for almost 24 hours. Fingers crossed.

Obviously the furnace needs to be replaced. That’s our plan, but we have to wait 2 years. We want to run gas in our house but to do so we have to dig up the street in front of our house. The city of Seattle only allows streets to be dug up every 3 years (this sounds absurd to me too, don’t worry), and we were told we have to wait a year and a half. So yes, that’s my long, drawn-out dramatized story of how my feet have been chilly this week.

In other, non-feeling-sorry-for-myself news, I’m (sort of) getting my groove back in the kitchen. Obviously cooking went by the wayside after C was born and then even when I felt up to cooking, I was crabby about it because I missed (and still do miss) dairy. But in an effort to save calories and a bit of cash, we’re eating at home more. Plus being dairy and soy free limits your take out options and we were getting a bit sick of burgers and fries.

Please note that when I say “getting my groove back” I do not mean making gourmet meals. I mean successfully eating dinners comprised of ingredients in my house.

First up I made this toasted sesame ginger salmon from How Sweet Eats. I used fish sauce in place of the soy sauce, which seemed to work well enough.

My cooking method involved pan frying the salmon, and then pouring the glaze on during the last minute of cooking. It worked really well for caramelizing the honey and giving the fish a great crust. Alongside, I sautéed bok choy and then drizzled with sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds, and threw a bunch of quinoa in the rice cooker. The whole meal took 20 minutes to make. Winner.

I’ve also been noshing on this farro and chickpea salad for lunches. Last time I went to Costco I picked up a huge bag of farro, so I imagine I will be eating quite of bit of it this month.

This is just cooked farro, a can of chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. I think it tastes best at room temp.

As proof of dinner’s non gourmet status in our household, I will show you last night’s dinner: an egg sandwich piled with whatever leftover ingredients I found in the fridge, including basil, peppadew peppers and prosciutto.

Oh and that sandwich definitely has two eggs on it because I eat a ton right now. Seriously, it boggles Brent’s mind how much and how often I eat. I add calories to everything, such as slicing up half an avocado and eating it on my toast in the AM. Ah, if only this breastfeeding metabolism could last forever.

Speaking of breakfast, my current favorite toppings for my morning oatmeal are toasted unsweetened coconut, sliced almonds, and diced banana sautéed with a teaspoon or two of brown sugar to caramelize. Yes, I sauté bananas before I even truly get dressed for the day. Priorities, people.

Well, that’s probably enough awesome for one post. More rambling to come later.

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  1. Leanne

    Isn’t the breastfeeding metabolism AMAZING?? It’s a fairly regular occurrence in this house that we’ll eat dinner, I’ll have seconds (my husband doesn’t), and then I make a snack immediately. I love it!

    Your dinners look pretty great– I’m still nervous to cook salmon, but maybe I’ll get the nerve up to try this out. Can’t beat a 20-minute meal!


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