The Supporting Cast

My husband, Brent, is a software developer and the practical side of our relationship. We seem to have nothing or everything in common depending on who you ask. He’s sarcastic, hilarious, and will eat anything I serve to him. That makes him a perfect 10 if you ask me. We got married way too young, but we made it work anyway. More than 10 years and a few cross-country moves later, we’re closer than ever.

Our son, Cormac, was born August 6, 2012 and turned our lives upside down, mostly in a good way.

Our newest addition is baby Theodore, born April 2015. He’s been keeping us all on our toes.


Our dog is a 9 year old lab mix named Larry. We adopted him from the Fort Wayne Animal Shelter in April 2007 and he’s been snuggling up to us for love ever since. If anything, I’d call him aggressively affectionate.


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