Thai Fire-Pot Soup

I have been sick. A sort of gross, never-ending head cold kind of sick, which has been compounded by the fact nasal decongestants are not recommended during breastfeeding.

So rather than take some Sudafed, I have been taking hot, steam-inducing showers, drinking tea like its my job, and now, eating this sinus-clearing soup. I told Brent yesterday I wanted some kind of spicy, brothy, curried soup with coconut. Jenna’s fire-pot soup fit the bill perfectly.

This soup would have been perfect (and vegan) with tofu, but since I’m soy-free for the time being, I used some baked and shredded chicken for the protein. Including baking the chicken and cooking the rice in the rice cooker, the soup came together in about 30 minutes, and it was delicious. Exactly what I was craving, and I already want to make a second batch so I can eat it all week long.

I made the soup as part of a cooking spree Brent and I went on yesterday to stock our freezer with quick, dairy-free, soy-free meals for crazy weeknights.

We made a batch of split pea soup, Moby chili, spicy Dr. Pepper pork, bolognese sauce, and the fire-pot soup. It was a team effort with Brent taking the lead on the bolognese and the chili and me with the split pea, pork, and Thai soup.

I used Ina Garten’s recipe as a guide for the split-pea soup, but added a ham shank during cooking for extra flavor. The soup turned out savory and comforting. It’ll be perfect for dreary Seattle evenings. For the veggie chili, Brent used his homemade chili powder and it definitely made the chili spicier than I remember, but still very tasty.

The pork and the bolognese are both recipes from the Pioneer Woman that we’ve made before, so you know they’re sure-fire winners. Everything that woman posts is pure edible gold.

Everything but the Thai soup was frozen flat in freezer bags for easy storing, identifying, and thawing. It was relatively quick and easy and we even had time for a break for beer and the Illini game, and now we have a freezer full of super quick meals.

And now I’m off to make more tea and loaf on the couch before heading with Brent and Cormac to the Zoo Lights later tonight.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from the Monroes!

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