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Catching Up is Hard to Do

I always find it difficult to muster up the motivation to blog after an absence, even one as short as a week. It’s not that I don’t want to blog; it’s simply that I don’t know where to start. I hate trying to squeeze everything into a massive post, but I don’t blog frequently enough to update you on everything, so alas. I usually just jump into it and skip what has already passed.

Brent and I ate wheat berries for the first time last week. Brent was not a fan. He referred to them as “weird and chewy.” I don’t know what his problem is. Weird and chewy are two of my favorite adjectives when it comes to food! I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I made them into a salad with black beans, red bell pepper and mango. The salad recipe is a quinoa salad recipe from Veganomicon, but I just subbed wheat berries. I thought their chewiness went well. I really loved it.

What is perhaps even more exciting, is that I made my first soup of the fall season this weekend! I was so excited about the cooler temps, I was determined to celebrate by making soup. So glad to have it back in my life! I made some of my minestrone along with some unpictured Artisan Bread.

I’ve been busy with things other than soup-making as well. School is starting to pick up the pace, and today I spent the day volunteering at the MDA Telethon. Unfortunately one of the things keep me busy has been our German Shepherd, Lucy.

That photo cracks me up every time I see it! Lucy has developed an ear hematoma, which means her ear has filled with blood, as a result of her chronic ear infections (she was abused when she was younger, and has a “broken” ear, which is prone to infection as a result), and she’ll be going in for surgery tomorrow morning. She’ll have to be put under general anesthesia for the surgery, which is always a little worrisome. I’m hoping the procedure goes well and will prevent the hematoma from recurring. Wish Lucy good luck for tomorrow!

Spring is Coming

I’m nearly on spring break! That means I’m also done with my Med-Surg II clinical rotation on the neuro/spine unit, and I start my OB/Peds rotation in 2 weeks! That makes me kind of nervous — I guess just because I really can’t relate, although I love cute baby faces just as much as the next 24 year old female.

Anyway, my point about spring break is that I’ll be able to cook and bake soon! And actually enjoy it and not stress out about how I should be writing a careplan or reading a textbook. 10 glorious days off. Although, I won’t be home for all of it. Brent and I are going to Chicago next weekend, so I can spend some long overdue time with my friends. I can’t wait! Part of spring break will also be spent cleaning and getting the house ready to go on the market again. Hope we have better luck this time around!

Tonight’s dinner was super simple. I bought 2lbs. of asparagus on Saturday, and I was basically just trying to find something to add to make it a complete meal. I used some Artisan Bread Deli-Style Rye dough to make a small English-muffinesque bun on the griddle (I prefer doing this for simple one-meal buns because I can control the shape a bit better), and just heated up a GardenBurger as well. I roasted the aspargus with a bit of canola oil and garlic in the oven and that’s it. A burger and asparagus fries. Super simple.

Also, I wanted to mention this Linguine with Cilantro-Basil Pesto and Artichokes that I made for the second time last week. My first attempt was more attractive, but this time I just used whole wheat spaghetti, and halved the recipe, but kept the whole can of artichokes. I still love it. I need to eat more artichokes.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks. I’m going to finish making some granola, and maybe try to study a bit before bed. SPRING is almost here! 🙂