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Roasted Portobello Sandwiches

After a rather indulgent few days with my parents, my body was calling out for colorful nutrients. While flipping through cookbooks and magazines making my grocery list, I saw the roasted portobello sandwich in Clean Food and thought it sounded like a great way to squeeze more veg in this week.

I had a bunch of fresh rosemary in my fridge and felt like making something different anyway, so I made some rosemary focaccia to use as bread for the sandwiches. I used this recipe, mostly because I tend to turn to Epicurious first when I’m searching for a specific recipe. Focaccia is so simple to make, and honestly kneading bread is just so therapeutic and relaxing – I love it in a big way.

So when the dough has risen once, you plop it in a pan, spread it out, and decorate it, which I love. Poke a bunch of dents in it, drizzle it with olive oil and scatter some rosemary and salt.

Yay! After another rise and 25 minutes in the oven — The house smelled sofreakinggood! — I had bread.

I couldn’t wait for sandwiches, I immediately ripped off a hunk and ate it dipped in rosemary olive oil. Heavenly. Later for the sandwiches, I cut squares from the focaccia, and then split them open and stuck them under the broiler for a few minutes to get nice and toasty.

And then I built the sandwiches, layer by layer. Sun-dried tomatoes mixed with mayonnaise, roasted portobellos, roasted red peppers, avocado, arugula, and spicy Dijon mustard.

Is that not glorious looking? This was super filling and quite tasty. I love a veggie sandwich. Even Brent, who was originally not a fan of the mushroom sandwich idea, admitted it was delish. (He did not actually say delish because unlike me, he does not abbreve everything.)

It’s a sunny week here in Seattle, which means I need to get outside and enjoy it!!  Can’t wait for summer – hiking, and delicious summer produce. What are you looking forward to in the warmer months?

Bagel Sandwiches are Awesome

I know I said I’d be back with another vegan dinner, but I forgot to take a photo of it! Plus, I deveganized it, but the Collard Greens and Black-Eyed Peas were definitely delicious.

Instead I have a sandwich using one of those homemade bagels I mentioned yesterday. I had a cream cheese, spinach, egg and bacon sandwich on a cheese bagel. It was pretty outstanding. I mentioned it to Brent several times, calling it the highlight of my day. That is definitely not an exaggeration.

I ate said sandwich while on a conference video chat with my mom and my cousin. Everyone I know and love is in the midst of the Snowpocalypse! On a side note, I freaking love Skype. It’s so awesome to be able to see my family while I’m talking to them! And it’s hilarious when my cousin, mom, aunts, and sister and I are all on one huge conference chat! 🙂

I know the rest of the country is getting pelted with horrific precipitation, but it was actually gorgeous here today! We live at the bottom of Queen Anne hill, and here’s a view from the right side of our balcony looking up the hill.

Cute, right? I love our neighborhood! I am so happy that we ended up here, and the more time I spend here, the more I love it. 🙂