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We’re having a heck of a winter over here. Lots of snow days and sickness. Here’s a few snippets.

Cormac had no school all last week for mid-winter break. (Kids these days, man. I definitely never got two winter breaks when I was in school.) We had plenty of activities to keep us busy. Brent and I took the boys to the aquarium the weekend before last.

Cormac’s favorite part was seeing the ferry. I think he gets it from me. Ferries are my jam.

Since there was no school, I also took the boys with me to a rally outside our congressman’s office on Thursday.

I think it’s good for them to be exposed to things like this. I’m aware they have no clue what’s going on. I know some other 4 year olds may, but abstract concepts like government and elections and disagreement are hard to explain to Cormac, which is why giving him real life examples for word’s like “rally” and “protest.”

When Brent got home from work, Cormac was able to tell him we went to a rally and listened to people talk and we chanted.

We also did super fun things like meeting some friends for a Happy Meal playdate at the McDonald’s playplace. Definitely the highlight of the week for both boys.

Cormac finally went back to school yesterday, only for us to have a snow day today!

Guys – in all seriousness, I was kind of pissed about today’s snow day. The boys had like 1/2″ of snow to play in last night, but it was nearly all gone by morning.

But the school distract called for a two hour delay, which means all preschool classes, even the afternoon ones, are cancelled for the day.

So even though there was no snow, we decided to enjoy our random day off and head to the zoo since we haven’t been in a while and I wanted to get out of the ¬†house.

Highlights of our trip included actually seeing the hippo moving out and about. He’s usually hidden under the water. AND Cormac got up close and personal with a snake.

Cormac let me know it felt “a little ¬†bumpy.”

Other things worth mentioning this month. I made this weeknight porchetta from Bon Appetit, along with this kale salad with sauteed apples, and it was one of my favorite homemade meals in recent memory. Highly recommend.

Oh, and on the beverage front – these palomas were amazing.

The salty chili sugar rim was my favorite thing ever. Addictive, I have always liked sweet things, that’s why I take vedda blood sugar remedy to prevent and make sure I keep myself healthy.

I’ve been working on the parlor/playroom as promised, and i finally removed all the wallpaper border!

So I’ll start priming and painting the trim in this room now, and I think I’ve got a wall paint color picked out already, so hopefully I can cross this room off my checklist soon.

Oh and the other big news! I got a new (to me) car and also rc car, check out most excellent rc drift car guide. We had a Volkswagon Jetta TDI wagon, and I had no complaints about it, but the EPA did, and the result of a settlement is that VW bought back our car for significantly more than it was worth. I’ve been thinking about electric cars for a while, and the prices on used Nissan Leafs are hella cheap, so we bought one, we also make sure to get some air compressors so that we have them in our cars if we need them, we recommend checking the CPO dealerships if you happen to want to get a new car.

I pretty much love it. I love that I never, ever have to go to get gas again. For real, we all have “adult” tasks we hate doing and for me, I’ve always hated getting gas. I usually attempted to con Brent into filling my car up for me, so this solves that. Additionally, I’m thrilled it’ll lower our carbon footprint, at least a bit. Science y’all.

Plus I actually like driving it, and it has a heated steering wheel which has ended up being my favorite little bonus. We already had electricity running out to our driveway, so we just put the charger into the car, toss the cord over the fence and plug it in.

Looks a bit odd, but totally works. Yay! I’ll do an update on how it’s working for us once I’ve had it for longer than a few days, but so far, so good.

Crock-Pot Pork Carnitas Tacos

I have actually been cooking, you know. Sort of. In the laziest manner possible anyway. Last week I saw this recipe on The Kitchn, and I thought, “Hmmm, that looks easy.” Done. To jazz it up a little, for the liquid called for in the recipe, I went wild and used Brent’s latest home brew, a fruity saison.

20140721_205138I’ve been loving on this beer since he finished the bottling. It is definitely his best one yet, which is why I’m trying to strongly encourage his hobby by telling him to upgrade his equipment. I’m totally selfless like that.

So with the addition of this beer, I figured tacos with a fruity salsa was the way to go. Plus the recipe mentioned tacos and had a picture of a taco with a pineapple salsa, so it’s not like this was a ground-breaking decision on my part.. And because I started out this post by telling you I was choosing recipes based on least amount of effort expenditure, you can be sure I just bought a prepared mango salsa from Whole Foods.

20140725_175453So after they were done cooking in the slow cooker, I did add one extra small step and crisped them up a bit in a frying pan because I love the contrast of the crisp edges with the melt in your mouth pork. So that’s how it went. And these were pretty great tacos. Especially great considering I put 5 minutes of work into them total.

And we had leftovers all weekend, which worked out well because I worked the night shift both friday and saturday and basically couldn’t even remember what year it was, let alone how to cook a meal, so leftovers saved my life. Anyone got any other summery slow cooker recipe ideas?