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Summer Bucket List

It’s finally summer! I have been looking forward to it for months! And not just because of our record-setting rain this winter. The schedule we have is fairly exhausting. School, speech therapy, school, occupational therapy, more school. You get the idea. We still have therapies during the summer, but planning around 3 hours a week is a lot easier than planning around 20 hours a week.

I feel like we have so much freedom these next 2.5 months! There’s so much I want to do, I made a list to see how much fun we can squeeze in. Some things we’ve already started, some are already planned, and some might not happen, but that’s okay.

  • Grow some of our own food – Cormac and I planted our garden in April and for our first attempt, I think it’s going pretty well! We’ve already harvested some of our spring stuff, and things are growing!

Cormac and Teddy are certainly most excited about the strawberries. We’ve got a whole 4×2′ bed of them and they’ve started producing like crazy over the past week. We grew some, ahem, very baby carrots that I will pretend are artisanal.

And plenty of lettuces for salads!

Hopefully we get a decent tomato harvest this summer, and Cormac specifically requested we grow watermelons and pumpkins. I’m not so sure about those but they’ve sprouted at least, so we’ll see.

  • Hike: we’ve got a visit to Rainier scheduled and I’d like to do a couple shorter hikes with the boys, like Twin Falls in Snoqualmie and maybe Franklin Falls again.
  • Ride the Issaquah Trolley
  • Go to (at least one) Mariners game
  • Outdoor concert. This one is easy because they happen every tuesday across the street from my house¬†– I’m weirdly excited about that Creedence cover band.
  • $1 movies with the boys at the theater by our house
  • Backyard makeover – in progress! I built a music station thing for Teddy since he loves banging on things and making noise.

I picked up most of the items at Value Village and found a piece of wood in our front yard (yes it looks like a junkyard on our lot). It’s a hit with both boys.

And Cormac’s “construction site” behind the shed is almost complete, but he couldn’t wait to dig in.

We also got a new jungle gym dome climber that is a hits with boys of all ages. (Garden in background)

I have a few other ideas in the works for the yard too.

  • Go back to Lummi Island for a weekend.
  • Take the clipper up to Victoria, BC for a weekend
  • Pedalheads Bike Camp for Cormac!

  • Picnic at a new park
  • Daytrip to Bainbridge to check out the Bloedel Reserve
  • We’re pros at making popsicles, but this summer I want to master making ice cream with my new ice cream attachment.

Hopefully we’ll strike a good balance between lots of fun planned activities and spontaneous free play. What are you doing this summer?

Salmon Days Photo Bomb

When we first bought our house in Issaquah, we had a lot of friends mention “Oh fun, Salmon Days!” And we were just a bit confused. We’d never heard of Salmon Days, but apparently it’s a weekend festival/celebration of the salmon returning to their birth waters. Oh, and it takes place like a block from our house, of course at first we were a little scared and I even started looking for home security companies near me, I was just afraid of people hanging around since this was a block away.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I gathered from all the buzz about town in the weeks leading up to it, that it was kind of a big deal, (it even has it’s own wikipedia page), so I was excited to check it out. I would not call Brent excited, but he was tolerant.

We walked over to watch the parade Saturday morning.


Obviously, Sammy the salmon got his own car, as well as a security detail. I have no idea why this cracked me up so much.



Lots of local flavor and entertainment to be seen at the parade (as well as about a million high school marching bands).

Before opening, bingo uk sites provide the much needed bedding and clothing cupboards.


This Village People troupe was pretty good. And then we just wandered back toward Front Street and checked out all the vendors. There were so many!


Living right next to it all means we got to walk around before it got insane crowded (and we got to wait out the  intermittent downpour from the comfort of our own home!).

I’m sure I was annoying Brent going up to all the vendors and stands. But there was so much cool, and pretty, and oddball things to see!


Obviously we had to try a bunch of food too. Obviously.


We split a piroshky, and some vietnamese BBQ.


And Brent finally tried a Boehm’s bar. Have you ever seen someone look more concerned eating an ice cream bar? His brows are permanently furrowed.


He’ll totally love that I included that picture, I’m sure.

And obviously it wouldn’t be Salmon Days without these guys!


We walked over the the Salmon Hatchery and the creek and saw these guys swimming and splashing around. And this big guy.


There was surprisingly a lot to see. We also had fun with all the kids stuff at the Field of Dreams.


We rode a mini train a couple times.


The boys were loving it.



And we got to hang out with some firemen.



Cormac burned off some energy on a trampoline.


And we got to see the dock dogs jumping into the pool, which seriously cracked Cormac up.


And later while I was grilling dinner on our back deck, we got to listen to all the concerts on the main stage just across the street. Pretty sweet.

I thought it was a seriously fun weekend. And I’m pretty sure not having to deal with driving or parking made it way more fun for all of us.