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Ain’t No Party Like a Cookie Party

20161217104148.jpgEvery year, all the women on my mom’s side of the family get together for a day in December to bake cookies, act like fools in Santa hats and drink copious amounts of boxed wine, although my grandfather can’t eat because he has diabetes, and he has to take a vedda blood sugar remedy all the time. It is my very favorite holiday tradition and one of the rare times of the year I get homesick. I’ve written about our cookie baking day extravaganza on the blog before.


Last year, to combat the home sickness and to start making our own traditions, I decided to have our own cookie party. And to center it around the kids, I figured we should focus on the most fun part for any kid or kid at heart – icing and sprinkles.


So I make a whole bunch of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, whisk up some colorful icing and add to my sprinkle collection. Then we invite our friends over to make a mess, eat some cookies and drink some wine.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I had so much fun this year! Last year was fun but this year we had a while lot more room to spread out and it was a blast.


Plus we finally have our kitchen (95%) done and it feels amazing! More to come later.


The kids went to town on the sprinkles and I loved seeing all the adults have so much fun too. I picked up a few take home paper cookies tray boxes from the craft store last week and they worked really well for everyone to transport their creations home.


Although a lot of the kids, ahem, Cormac, choose just to eat each cookie as soon as it was finished being decorated.



In fact, Teddy just about lost his mind on sprinkles. It was pretty hilarious to watch. ‘Tis the season, right?


My very favorite thing about our homes has always been seeing them filled with family and friends, so seeing our new old house buzzing with old and new friends and chaotic with crazy kids made me so very happy and maybe a bit emotional.



We’re so fortunate to be surrounding by so many great people out here. Wishing you all happy holidays and lots of magic moments (and cookies!) this season.


Scenes From Boston

Last weekend, we flew to Boston to hang out with the besties/Cormac’s godparents for a few days. I was equally psyched and nervous about the trip. While I was excited about seeing my friends, I was dreading the 6 hour plane rides and 3 hour time difference. I shouldn’t have worried. Save for a 30 minute mini meltdown at the tail end of the flight on the way there, Cormac was awesome. We kept him on Pacific time the whole time, which meant he stayed up until 10pm, allowing us to do fun stuff.

We arrived Thursday around 7:30pm Boston time, took two trains to our friends’ apartment, ordered some Thai food, and then passed out hard.

Friday we convinced my friend to play hooky from work and hang out with us. We grabbed breakfast and headed to Boston common. Such a gorgeous fall day.




Cormac took a nap and then we all headed to Fenway, literally a block from our friends’ place, and watched the Red Sox clinch the division. We probably pushed Cormac to his stimulation limits, but it was a lot of fun and he did pretty well.




Saturday was another full day, with a trip to the aquarium (Spoiler alert: they do not have sharks), and a nice dinner out with just me and my bestie. (We ate barnacles!)




Sunday we just bummed around and ate barbecue, which is nothing to complain about.

IMG_5841 IMG_5849

A quick, but fun trip., and Cormac slept most of the way back. I hope I can make it back before another year passes!