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Deviled Egg Eyeballs

Cormac and I went to a little Halloween party with some friends tonight! Super fun.



How cute is my little doggie? We’re also going trick or treating at Brent’s work tomorrow! So fun!

Aside from the supercute little dog costume, Halloween is also about cute food, right? I made some eye balls out of hard boiled eggs.


There are a million instructions for this on the interwebz, but I just winged it. Hard boiled the eggs (Place in cold water, bring to boil, cover, remove from heat, set timer for 15 minutes, place in ice bath). Then (for one dozen eggs), pop yolks out. I use the food processor and mixed the yolks, one avocado, 1 drop green food coloring, 2T mayonnaise, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

I used a pipping bag to fill the holes, the place sliced olives for the full eye effect. What really made these spooky is the blood shot eyes, though. I just dipped a toothpick into red food coloring and drew on the eggs.

IMG_6535Super lame, I know, but I love (LOVE!) themed food.

Anyway, these were super easy to make, and took about 40 minutes during nap time. Highly recommend if you need a Halloween-themed appetizer.



Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Avocado & Lime

I know what you’re thinking and Brent agrees with you. This sounds “odd.” I’ll admit I wouldn’t normally think to put these ingredients together (although I think bacon and avocado go with almost anything), but this is really, really delicious. I found the recipe on Pinterest.

That’s a lot of green. Makes you feel kind of virtuous, right? But it has bacon! And avocado! And then I put a fried egg on it. I find a fried egg will improve most dishes, even if the dish doesn’t necessarily need improving. So you can eat this bacony, avocado-y, eggy dish, and still feel super healthy and proud of yourself. Go you!

I made this dish for dinner last night and devoured it in about 8.6 seconds. That’s barely an exaggeration. As previously discuss, my hunger is out of control, plus I’ve kind of been on a brussels sprouts kick lately. They’re my new fave veggie, especially when shredded and sauteed. I have another pound in the fridge. Lucky me.

Oh, plus this dish only uses 1 pan. I think it’s probably meant to be a side dish, but I figure plopping an egg on anything makes it a meal, right?