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A Morning Off

The world right now, guys. It’s just. so. much. Too much sometimes. Not in a I want to stick my head in the sand and just ignore it and show you cute pictures of puppies sort of way, but definitely in a I need to take a few intentional breaks for my own sanity sort of way. I’ve been doing what I can to participate in our political process, and I encourage everyone who is willing and able to do the same, but at the same time I need to take of myself so I have the energy to do it. I’ve been taking time outs to work on the house a lot (more on that later), doing lots of yoga (always a good thing), and seeking out fun activities.

The boys and I did just that this morning, with a lovely 4 hour media blackout and lots of fun. We had a random day with no school and no therapy (so rare!!), and decided to do something a little bit more fun than just play Legos or go to the park. We went to the Pacific Science Center, and the boys had a great time.


Teddy absolutely loved the giant, robotic dinosaurs. Cormac used to be scared of them so I thought maybe Teddy might be, but nope! He started squealing and pointing immediately.

Teddy also managed to get himself SOAKED at the water table despite my best efforts to cover him in a smock.


We played in the tots area for a while so the boys could run wild and get some energy out.


Every picture of Teddy at this age is so blurry! He’s always running around trying to keep up with Cormac.

We also met up with some friends!



And then we hung out with bugs. (shudder)


Cormac was way too excited about this Giant African Millipede for my taste. I tried to steer him toward some cute 3D bug puzzles instead. Puzzles are always a hit with Cormac.


Oh, and the butterfly exhibit is just awesome. I loved it. The boys loved it. The butterflies seemed pretty happy with it too!



Teddy was losing his mind trying to point them all out.


It was so nice to spend some quality time out and about with both kids. I don’t get to do it near as much as I used to, and I miss it. (Believe me, therapy is rarely counting as quality time for me these days).

If you need help finding a local rehab centers in your area then the best place to start is to speak your physician.


Woooo, everyone happy to be done with 2016? Unfortunately, 2017 didn’t exactly come in like a breath of fresh air around here. More like a wrecking ball. The boys and I went down with sickness. HARD. We ended up having to make a run to urgent care New Years’ Day for Teddy. And after some antibiotics, missed school and a lot of rest, we’re finally on the mend. Cormac returned to school, and I made it to the yoga studio 3 days in a row!


Of course, we just got everyone well enough to go to back to school, and school was cancelled today due to ice. Sigh. We’ve been trying to keep busy. Cormac and I have done some baking. These boys are currently OBSESSED with these little sweet potato banana bites. They take like 2 minutes to make and less than 20 minutes to bake. We’ve made like 3 batches in the past week.


It’s always fun to be able to sneak veggies into the kids.

We also made a trip to the  Museum of Flight last weekend. Cormac loves that museum.


And Teddy had a good time too.


Most of our days have been spent making elaborate train tracks throughout the front room. Santa brought some new train sets and now we have more than enough for the boys to play together.


Concluding a totally random brain dump post, here’s what else I’m currently thinking about:

More house projects. But mostly things I can do myself. That includes a lot of painting. Our old house has tons of cool, thick┬átrim, but some is wood, some is white, and some is both! It kind of drives me nuts, so I’m currently on a mission to make it all match. I’ve finished the dining room, since it’s adjacent to the kitchen and therefore it’s shabbiness was very noticeable. Painting it all white has made the room feel a lot brighter. (For an example of what it looked like before, you can see the baseboard trim in the train track photo above.)


Travel: I’m (just me) going home to Chicago for a weekend in February. I thought about taking the boys, but I think Cormac needs some consistency and I don’t want him to miss any more school right now. So I figure it’ll be good for me to take a quick break from them and Brent can spend some quality time with those two crazy guys. I’m also starting to think about what trips I can convince Brent to take this summer.

Kindergarten: Would you believe Cormac is eligible for Kindergarten next year? I don’t! How am I old enough to have a kid in elementary school?! BUT he’s got a tricky August birthday, not to mention an ASD diagnosis, so we’re actually pretty torn about whether to send him or not. We thought we had it figured out and we were just going to wait a year, but it turns out because he could go to Kindergarten, the school district won’t allow him back at their developmental preschool next year. It really threw me for a loop, and now I’m just not sure what’s best for him. Why are there so many decisions to make? Parenting right now is feeling like a whole lot of crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t screw it up.

Okay, I think that’s all for my self-indulgent whining today. How’s 2017 treating you?