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He Gets It From His Mama

I think it’s safe to assume I like baking, right? I mean 9 or so years ago, I did actually start a blog about my supposed love of baking. So, it should come as no surprise I’ve basically been trying to shove a whisk into Cormac’s hand from the moment he was born.


And guess what! It’s finally starting to pay off! This little guy loves helping me in the kitchen. When he sees me start taking things out of the fridge, he’ll go get his stool and carry it to the counter and ask, “Can I help mom do cooking?” Heart melts.

He helps with everything from cutting fruit and shelling peas to dumping ingredients and pressing the pulse button on the food processor. But, just like me, his true love is dessert! Lately we’ve been baking up a storm. We made the Pioneer Woman’s chocolate pie. A repeat, but still delicious.


We made the Barefoot Contessa’s cranberry orange scones, another tasty repeat.


But Cormac’s current favorite treats are cake pops! He first discovered them through one of our Foodstirs kits. (Side note – if you like cooking/baking with your kids but lack motivation or creativity, the Foodstirs thing is great. Cormac loves making them with me every month!)


He’s become an expert cake pop dipper. Clearly the reward is always worth the work!


The cake pops were so easy and such a hit that we ended up making some more a week later to celebrate the return of baseball season! (We had fun with food coloring markers!)


Side note: yes I am totally using cake to make sure Cormac ends up a Cubs fan. I have no shame.


I love seeing him so proud of himself! He even asked me if he could help with Teddy’s rainbow cake! (Yes, our kitchen is pretty much always a disaster)


One of my favorite ways to spend special mom/Cormac time with him is to take classes via PCC Kids Cook. I generally sign us up for all the age-appropriate ones.


Last week he learned how to make blueberry muffins, granola and fruit salad!


Cormac isn’t super talkative and he really prefers to play independently – honestly it can be really difficult to feel close to or bond with him, so I’m really glad that we’re  able to have fun in the kitchen together.

Cormac’s Monster-Themed Birthday Party

I am all about birthdays. I’ve celebrated my own with flair rarely found in people past the age of 12, but I can’t help it. I love the idea of having your own special day to celebrate. I don’t think there was ever any doubt I was going to make a big deal for Cormac’s, especially his first.

The cake was most important to me. I just wanted adorable, delicious cake. Not too much to ask, right? The great thing about monsters is that they don’t have to look neat or pretty, so making this monster cake and cupcakes wasn’t too difficult at all. I used Martha Stewart’s yellow butter cake recipe, which turned out perfectly and smells ridiculous while baking.


For the frosting, I just made a simple vanilla buttercream with softened butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract, whipped until the consistency and flavor seemed right. I don’t have an exact ratio I use. Then, I obviously took things to a ridiculously colorful level with food coloring. Love it. Who doesn’t like food that stains your mouth? Oh, just me? Oh well.


 To make the monster “fur,” I used a Wilton 233 piping cap, which makes like 8 strings of frosting. Perfect for hair. And because they’re monsters, none of them use a brush. Obviously. Oh, and the eyes for the cupcakes are just Wilton candy eyeballs. And marshmallows for the big monster. I was pretty proud of these, you guys. I thought they turned out super cute, considering my inexperience with cake decorating.

I was so excited about the cake smash. I was pretty convinced Cormac was going to go apeshit over it. Um, he did not go apeshit. Pretty much the opposite actually. He tentatively stuck a finger in.


And clearly did not understand what all the fuss was about, or why there were a million cameras in his face. I think he could see something was expected of him, so he finally gave it the ol’ college try.


And then gave me a weird half drunk on sugar look that said, “There are you happy now?”


Luckily we had other more savory goods for him to pig out on, like mini cheese crackers, pickles, and Jimmy John’s sandwiches. We seem to have ordered the perfect amount of food, because we had exactly none left an hour after the party ended, which was great. And ordering the sandwiches was perfect, since all we had to do was pick them up and not make an even larger mess of my kitchen.

For beverages, we decided to go half kids party, half frat party and get a keg. We got a pony keg of Two Beers Pale Ale, and it worked out perfectly. Guests could drink as much as they want. I didn’t have a ton of bottles and bottle caps to deal with. Perfect. And it costs as much as a couple cases of beer. We also had sangria (mostly for me), and some soda. No drink would be complete without a cute monster cup, for the kids we got the http://www.jumpersjungle.com/santa-fe-springs/ party planners which helped them have tons of fun!


Yay for Pinterest and hot glue guns! Am I right? Oh, just me again. Anywho, I thought they were cute. My mom thought I was nuts. We were both a little right.

Speaking of my mom, she also put together these goody buckets for the toddlers. Monster rubber duckies?! Are you kidding me? I might have gone a little overboard.


Our decor was pretty limited, just a few streamers that my mom put up and this fringy number 1 I made. Another Pinterest find, more glue gun time!


I think everyone had a good time, and it was so great to celebrate this milestone with our friends who helped us through the first year! Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without all the mom friends I’ve made this past year.



Whether it was babysitting exchanges, playdates, or just letting me vent about my crazy, projectile-puking baby, it was nice to have people to turn to, especially with our family 2000 miles away.


Cormac was a champ and partied for 4 straight hours before crashing hard at the end.