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Weekly Recap

How awesome is a three day weekend? So awesome you guys. I love having Brent home for such an extended period of time. For purely selfish reasons, of course. The toddler can be quite exhausting.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some baking, which is a nice return to normalcy. I made a batch of the brioche dough from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. (Still obsessed with this book 5 years later!) With that, I made cinnamon rolls on Thursday morning.


The important thing to remember when making these cinnamon rolls, is that they are best made for a large group of people so that you do not eat the entire batch yourself. That’s my experience anyway.


Yeah, so definitely no leftovers to be had.

Thursday afternoon the guys from SurroundsLandscaping.com helped me with some yardwork.




We’re still working on that gross moss-covered patio. C and Larry got in on the scrubbing too.


We’re making steady progress. You can tell below which sections of the patio have been scraped and cleaned, and which have not.


Saturday morning we went out for pancakes followed by a trip to Swanson’s Nursery to scope out possible trees for Alfie. We’ve narrowed down the type, but I still have to get the area ready for planting and finish off the weeds.


Cormac mostly just wandered around saying “Teeeeeeeeee” (tree) and pointing. We also walked over to the U-District Farmers Market to grab some veggies for dinner.

I used the same dough mentioned above to make some burger buns for our dinner Saturday night. Brent made Alton Brown’s Burger of the Gods recipe and we grilled them along with a bunch of asparagus and spring onions. Oh, and potato salad using Tyler Florence’s recipe.

WP_20140524_029 (1)

A burger on a buttered brioche bun is pretty much always a winner. That’s just a little life wisdom from me to you. Cormac, however, was much more interested in the tomato.

WP_20140524_034 (1)

Sunday was another full day starting with a trip to the zoo.


We spent about 2 hours there and managed to see almost everything I think. Cormac was pretty fascinated by the orangutans eating lettuce below.


And then we grabbed lunch and headed home for a nap. Brent did some house projects while I made dinner.


I made this Mexican Chicken Soup from last month’s Food & Wine.

WP_20140525_045 (1)

It was super easy to make and I really liked it, but I’d double the cumin and coriander next time. Definitely a make-again.

And we had a pretty laid back Memorial Day over here, starting with bagels at Eltana. (Brent is still mad at this week’s crossword.)


Cormac is apparently obsessed with bagels and ate even more than we were expecting.


And we spent the rest of the day mostly finishing house projects. We bought customized closet organizers from the Elfa line at the Container Store, and Brent spent all weekend painting the closets and installing them. I consider it life-changing.


Have you ever seen anything so pretty in your entire life? No. No, you have not. I’m in love. Our closets before were such a sloppy ugly mess. Mine just had one bar across the top, and Brent’s had some bent up hot mess of a cheap organizer, so this was a huge improvement. And each of our master closets fits our own needs now. Have I mentioned I’m in love?

As a result, we were able to move our huge dresser downstairs into Cormac’s room, freeing up a ton of floor space in our room, and giving Cormac a lot more storage.


Because of that, I was able to clean out his closet, so I threw a cozy blanket and pillow in there along with some of his favorite books to make a little book nook for him. He seems to like it.


Oh, and Brent made delicious barbeque chicken for dinner, but I don’t have a picture, which is a shame. He made the sauce using “all the stuff in our pantry that looked like it went in barbeque sauce.”

And now I’m drinking a glass of wine and watching a BBQ Pitmasters marathon and looking forward to a shortened week. Hope you all had a great weekend!


I have eaten so much good food the past few days, but tonight’s dinner takes the cake. Brent was entirely responsible for all the deliciousness, so I’m letting him tell you about it. Guest post from Brent below – Enjoy!

I love a pickle. I picked up a jar at the grocery on Friday and they were gone by Sunday. Victoria saw this as a problem with my consumption patterns; I saw it as having too few pickles. To paraphrase a popular meme:  disregard female, acquire pickles.

Pickles can get a little expensive when you’re eating them by the barrel, so I decided to make my own. This turned out to be much easier than I expected. There are a few pickling methods, but I chose the easiest one, described here. I had to pick up a few spices and bell jars, but the cucumbers themselves were only a buck a pound. You can make a boatload of pickles with a small initial investment. Right before parking them in the fridge:

This afternoon, sitting on a mother lode of above-average pickles, we decided cheeseburgers would be the best way to convey pickley goodness. I would’ve eaten them straight from the jar, but whatever. We bought some bison meat (no added hormones, I guess? (I don’t know. Apparently it’s important.)) at the store and cooked up a couple burgers:

Victoria lost her mind over these. Every other bite was punctuated with her praising the burger. She thought about constructing a small alter to the burger in the living room, but we don’t really have the room since moving to the new apartment. Probably for the best; I would hate to anger the pickle gods now that I’ve discovered their delicious secret.