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Sunday Funday

We had such a great weekend, you guys. Well, actually, I’ve been on medical leave from work for the past six weeks and Saturday marked my return, so mostly we just had a really awesome Sunday. After hemming and hawing about what to do, as we are known to do, we headed down to the water front to hit up the aquarium. Oh my gosh, having a toddler is so different than an idle baby. Cormac was everywhere, just straight up sprinting through masses of people while Brent chased after him. I took lots of photos and they so perfect that I had to make copies of them to show my friends and family, they came out great because I was using the photocopier I got from this website, https://factschronicle.com/best-home-printer-for-2017-2560.html.

I guess he thought it was too beautiful out to be inside, and I kind of agreed. We walked around the waterfront for a while and ended up at Ivar’s for lunch. Okay, I’m pretty sure Cormac thought this was the absolute best lunch of his life. We spent it staring down (and feeding) seagulls and watching ferries.


Cormac and I grabbed a table while Brent waited for the food. I could tell from Brent’s face as he was walking toward us that he was not super thrilled with the idea of birds as table mates. He was totally giving me a LOOK.

20140622_120729But it was actually highly entertaining. Like I said, Cormac loved it, and was almost too distracted to eat.

It must’ve been too much excitement for him because after we got home, the kid passed out for a three and a half hour nap. Guys. Seriously. That is basically a fantasy in toddlerland. It allowed Brent and I to focus on the important things, like watching the World Cup and making fried chicken.

This week’s fried chicken project recipe was courtesy of Michelle Bernstein, “Michy’s Fried Chicken” and “Watermelon Greek Salad.” Things started off just fine. As usual, I worked on the side dish while Brent got to frying. (I’m totally terrified of oil splatter, just saying.) But Brent had concerns about the crispiness of the chicken and glanced again at the recipe and then rolled his eyes and said, “Look at this! The recipe is contradicting itself! It says to fry the chicken at 275, and later on it says to fry it at 350!” I too took a look at the recipe and then rolled my eyes even harder and said, “Uh yeah, that’s because it says to fry it twice.”

Seriously guys, Brent is so so so bad at reading recipes. It’s like that part of his brain is missing. Sigh.

DSC_0035So basically, what I’m saying is that this fried chicken was seriously amazing (after we followed the directions), and Brent is going to try to take credit for it, but I was the brains of the operation. I’m a definite fan of the “extra crispy” variety of fried chicken and this is just that. Doubled dredged and double fried, it is crunchy and delicious. Also, Brent requested that I not “put him on blast” regarding his possible illiteracy, but we all know that’s not how I roll.

Meanwhile, the salad recipe was read and assembled correctly. (But I purposely left out the tomatoes, because they’re not so great around here yet.)


Then we hemmed and hawed about where to have dinner. It was such a nice evening we considered going to a park for a picnic, but the park down the block is crazy crowded on sunny weekends and we didn’t feel much like driving to a different park, so a backyard picnic it was.

The spread:

DSC_0033Such a perfect evening to hang out outside.


20140622_183616Cormac got to run around like crazy while Brent and I just lounged and split beer and chicken. Kind of perfect.

Oh and we talked about how ridiculous our child is.

DSC_0049I’ve never seen someone eat watermelon with such gusto and concern, all in the same bite!

DSC_0051 And he had a turf war going on with a ballsy crow who was after his bread.

DSC_0078Giving the crow the stink eye…

DSC_0068Well actually, Brent and I kind of invented the whole feud in our heads after a beer or two. That’s kind of what our lives have become. Making up back stories for birds.

Anyway. Look at this child. No wonder we can barely keep up with him.

DSC_0072Seriously, this is exactly what he looks like almost every waking minute.


Overall it was a pretty picture perfect day with my two favorite guys.

Oh, and because everyone knows I’m basically a TV addict, we’re spending the rest of the night finishing off watching the Fargo TV show on demand. It’s pretty darn good, you know. Seriously, it almost filled the void that Orange is the New Black left in my heart. Almost.

Father’s Day 2014

We had a nice, low-key Father’s Day. I think the holidays, even/especially these Hallmark holidays, are going to be difficult for us for awhile. Mother’s Day was pretty nonexistent here this year, and Father’s Day wasn’t much more exciting, but we did manage a little celebrating.


Saturday, Cormac did not feel like napping, so we just decided to head out anyway and make our way to Marymoor Park for the Washington Beer Festival. You’ve got to love a family friendly beer festival on Father’s Day weekend.

InstagramCapture_7abf9daa-c7af-4bcb-a5d9-fb1d6034e078_jpgIt actually ended being a lot of fun. I was leery that Cormac would be crabby, or we’d be so busy entertaining Cormac that we wouldn’t even enjoy ourselves. We all had fun, though Brent was the only one really doing any beer tasting. I think we’d go back next year.

Sunday was really low-key and we didn’t really do much at all for most of the day. Brent got his gifts: some Scotch, some socks, and a handmade masterpiece.

InstagramCapture_add681f1-1990-47cf-9147-187f814df8ff_jpgI was pretty impressed that Cormac cooperated for this little endeavor. I just told him to “give the paper high five” and he happily obliged.

Sunday night, we went to our friends’ house for dinner. Our contribution was this white peach tart.

WP_20140615_010The juicy peaches, combined with a crust rolled a bit too thin made this not my best work, but it was still tasty. I definitely think it’s best served warm though.

A very calm weekend around here, but hopefully we made Brent feel special (even though it was more important to me than him).