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Kale & White Bean Soup

I have not been eating non-potato vegetables in months, guys. Well, truthfully, I haven’t been eating much of anything, but I finally have my appetite back (at least partially anyway)! And baby #2 seems to love broth. I’ve been obsessed with pho for the past couple weeks. Obsessed. But woman cannot live on pho alone, so yesterday I made… a different kind of ┬ábrothy soup. Oh well. We wouldn’t want to get too crazy, would we?

DSC_0001I saw this recipe pop up in my feed in the morning, and by 10am I had already been to the store to buy some kale and get started. I made a few changes, like doubling the carrots because I have a huge bag in the fridge, and not using the poblano because (even though I bought it that morning), I just plain forgot that step. Oh and I used a can of beans because, well, time and laziness.

I made it during nap time and then just left it on low for like an hour and a half til Brent got home.


And then I actually ate it! Green vegetables! It’s a miracle! I thought it was delicious and happily slurped up the last of the leftovers for lunch today. And now I’m stuck trying to come up with something for dinner tonight. Although my appetite is coming back, my creativity and motivation is still lagging.

Burrito Bowl

Perhaps you’ve been to Chipotle? Perhaps you too are in love with their black bean vegetarian burrito bowl like I am? Or maybe you aren’t. Either way, I’d recommend throwing together an easy burrito bowl for yourself sometime. The base of any burrio bowl should be cilantro lime rice. It’s super complicated to make. It involves making a batch of white rice and then throwing in some cilantro and lime juice. Don’t strain yourself, alright?

For my black beans, I keep it simple and just simmer some canned black bean with a bit of their own liquid, a couple of garlic cloves, a dash of oregano, cumin, coriander and cayenne. I just let that simmer while I prepare everything else. Speaking of everything else, on another burner heat some oil over medium and saute some bell peppers, onion (and maybe a jalapeno if you’re into that sort of thing) along with some salt and pepper.

For our condiments, I used the very classy store bought pico de gallo (I cannot wait until summer when the tomatoes will actually have flavor!) and some homemade guac (avocado, lime juice, minced red pepper, salt, cilantro). Oh and tortilla chips. Yes, I consider those a condiment and they are a necessity for burrito bowls.

Then just throw everything into a bowl. I like to arrange mine like so for visual appeal, but Brent just mixes everything together until it looks like wet cement.

It’s also best if you serve it with a cocktail. Because I like cocktails. My current favorite is this grapefruit ginger concoction: grapefruit vodka, a dash of orange bitter, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer. It’s pretty awesome. Brent throws some mint in there too. Awesome.

So yeah, burrito bowls and cocktails are pretty cool, but you know what’s even more awesome? I got a job! Yep, I’ve been too occupied with interviewing and celebrating to blog. I had two interviews last week and both offered me positions, but I chose the drug rehab Arizona about 30 miles away (both jobs were about a 30 minute commute). I’ll be working mostly the day shift (6am-2:30pm) with nearly full-time hours. I’ll be cross-trained on the evening shift as well (2pm-10:30pm) and may work that shift occasionally. My schedule is rotating with every other weekend off. Overall, I feel incredibly happy to be given this opportunity. Finding a job has not been easy for me, and I really like the location and staff where I’m working and for a newbie nurse, the schedule is really great too! The position I passed on was weekend nights and I was not happy about that prospect – I would never get to see Brent!

The one slight downside is that my commute is literally impossible by bus, so we’ll be buying a car. I’m not sure what we’ll end up with, but Brent is leaving it up to me since I’ll be the one using it. I think I want a station wagon, with enough room for Larry and Lucy and future babies, but I’m scared of big cars and do not like the height of SUVs. We’re going to check out a few at a dealership tonight, so I hope I find something that fits me. Anyway, that’s all. I’m just really excited about starting my new job!