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Salmon With Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

I have been so boring in the kitchen lately. We’ve been eating at home, but my “cooking” has mostly consisted of heating up salmon burgers and chicken sausages from the freezer with some roasted sweet potatoes on the side. Aiming high, I know.

But tonight I made something fresh and in season and pretty tasty. Based purely on ingredients I had in the house that needed to be used immediately I Googled salmon strawberry avocado and it led me to this recipe, from a blog I love, so I jumped on it.


I loved this served alongside roasted asparagus. Brent admitted, “I wasn’t sure about it, but it it was OK.” That’s about all the praise I get around here so I’ll take it. I followed this recipe pretty much as written but used lime juice instead of lemon in the salsa and pan-seared the salmon rather than grilling.

In other news, I got a permanent part time job starting April 29th and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve really missed being a nurse and having a professional group of people to interact with, and I was a bit worried about letting my nursing license expire. It’s only a few afternoons a week so I think it’ll be a great compromise between getting to work but also spending tons of time with Cormac, including taking him to his weekly swim lessons.

Seriously, this kid’s cuteness is out of control!

Things are Good

Hey all. I nearly forgot how exhausting having a full-time job can be. That is especially true when the hours are early and the job is new and intense. But… I love it!!! I feel so fortunate for this opportunity and I really like all of my co-workers and residents. I feel so excited to be able to do what I’ve been trained to do!

All that aside though, it’s definitely a lifestyle change for me. Obviously. I went from Law & Order marathons and yoga pants to crazy busy, intense thinking-needed, standing for 9+ hours at a time. As a result, I come home pretty exhausted and cooking is the absolute last thing on my mind. I managed to cook one out of four days that I worked so far this week. And by cook, I mean chop vegetables into a salad and add a can of chickpeas. It was not the world’s most amazing salad, but I was pretty proud of myself.

Today, however, is my day off! And the weather is beautiful! I got to walk outside, go to a lunchtime yoga class, bake some bread, and go grocery shopping. That’s like all my favorite hobbies rolled into one awesome day! Oh, and I made dinner too. A different salad. Cobb salad, one of Brent’s favorites.

Pretty freaking awesome. It made me motivated and hopeful that perhaps I could even cook something after work tomorrow or Friday too. But for now I’ve got to go enjoy a long walk with my husband before my 8:30pm bedtime.