Sausage & Kale Stuffed Shells

I think all my meals are coming from food blogs these days. It’s nice to let others be creative and just choose make something you know will turn out well. I have zero creativity, but I did manage to cook dinner two days in a row. I’m pretty sure that’s a 2014 record so far. On the menu last night were these awesome stuffed shells from Shutterbean.

I saw them and thought, Yeah, those sound good. And so it was done.

DSC_0004These were incredibly easy to make. The prep and assembly time took about about 20 minutes during nap time, and then I just threw them in the oven a couple hours later when we were ready for dinner. And it made a ton. I could not fit them all in a 13×9″ pan, so I used that plus an 8×8″ one, which means we have a dinner stored in the freezer for later and plenty of leftovers for lunch. I’ve decided I’m not cooking anything that doesn’t make a crap ton of leftovers for a while. I love leftovers. I don’t even have to cook tonight because we have leftover shells and leftover pot roast in the fridge. It is awesome.

OK, tangent over.

DSC_0014But seriously, these turned out great. Brent had two helpings, and Cormac is always a fan of pasta. And there’s greens in there, guys! OK. maybe not a ton, but honestly more than I’ve eaten in two months, so I’ll take it.

unnamed-3I’m not sure if there’s any more cooking in the cards for me this week. I’m meeting friends for dinner tonight, and my sister is coming into town tomorrow!! She’s never been to Seattle, and I’m so excited she’s coming. I am lazy and love having other people travel across the country to me! That’s all for now. Unless anyone has an amazing oatmeal raisin cookie recipe they’d like to share? Because those sound pretty good right about now.

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