Day Trip to Vashon Island

We’re in the middle of a little heat wave after literally the worst winter on record in Seattle, so we’ve been spending nearly every spare hour outdoors here. With a three day weekend full of sunshine ahead of us, I wanted to go on a little new-to-us adventure today.

Way up high on my list of favorite things about the Seattle metro area is all the ferries. Who doesn’t love traveling on a boat? Especially on a beautiful, sunny day. Even in grey weather I love them. And I find watching them traverse the sound so soothing. So I was pretty determined to get Brent to agree to a ferry ride today.

Anyway, my idiosyncrasies aside, we took the ferry from Fauntleroy to Vashon this morning. The wait was short and the trip is only about 20 minutes.

The boys love the ferry too.

Though, I don’t think Teddy particularly loves the breeze on the water the way I do.

I had a general list of things to see and recommended restaurants, but first, with such a picture perfect day, we had to stop at the beach. We first went to KVI Beach because I read it was the only “sand beach” on the ¬†island. Parking was a bit annoying but the boys had fun. We saw a bald eagle swoop in to try to nab a fish. Teddy found delight in a tiny, tiny crab scuttling around (Cormac did not), and Cormac found a family who brought cool beach toys. Fun for everyone.

We climbed driftwood, marveled at the view, and got covered in sand.

After an hour or so at the beach, Teddy as demanding food and the boys had already eaten through my stash of backpack snacks, so we headed into town for lunch at The Hardware Store. It was one of the only restaurants open today and had a thirty minute wait so we browsed the bookstore across the street.

Lunch was good and I’d definitely go back. Though I hear there’s a good Thai place and a good taco joint on the island too.

Obviously I felt like we needed more local flavor so after lunch we set off in search of the¬†bike in the tree. Guys, I can’t fully express how much this tickled the kids. They both talked about it the whole car ride. And both demanded Brent pick them off to touch the wheel. I love stuff like this.

Our four person selfie game is so weak! Why do I not own a selfie stick? Am I not really a millenial? Oh look – we saw a deer running toward the road from the beach!

Can you see it?

One last stop before we went home, and it was my favorite – well, besides the ferry – Point Robinson Lighthouse, It was absolutely beautiful. Cormac raced to the top of the lighthouse before I could even tell him to wait for me. The view from the top was just perfect.

And then Cormac insisted on running right back down to play on the beach. Tons of sand and driftwood and the boys had a blast climbing and throwing rocks in the water.

Cormac ran around pretending he was “a water car” and that his feet were his “wheels.”

And I made Brent pretend he liked me.

Picture perfect day. Have a beautiful Memorial Day, friends!

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