Coconut Banana Bread

When life gives you three blackened bananas, you make banana bread, right? Based on my preferences, which were to eat delicious banana bread without having to go shopping, I drew inspiration from this recipe.

I say “inspiration” because I halved it and made the following changes:

  • used melted butter in place of vegetable oil
  • used Greek yogurt in place of creme fraiche
  • used only 3/4 cup sugar for one loaf, which was still plenty
  • omitted walnuts and added 3/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

So… Yeah, pretty much the same recipe right? The result was a really moist, delicious, slightly tropical-tasting banana bread. Side note – aren’t the black strands formed by baking bananas bizarre? So bizarre.

I’ve been munching on it all day for the past two days and Cormac enjoyed two slices spread with almond butter for breakfast this morning. (His doctor suggested adding nut butters and more salmon and avocado to his diet to encourage weight gain).

He was a big fan. Brent and I seriously can’t believe this kid has problems gaining weight. He loves food and he eats so much!

Now the rest of Cormac’s afternoon nap will be spent mopping the muddy kitchen floor (WHY do I have two big dogs in rainy, muddy Seattle?) and eating banana bread.

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