Beer-Braised Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches

This was possibly the world’s easiest recipe. It’s composed of a mix of homemade and store-bought components, but thanks to the slow-cooker and the freezer, it came together with almost no prep from me.


For the pork: I generously sprinkled a 3.5 pork roast with salt and pepper, put it in the slow cooker, and poured in half a cup of beer. I let it cook on low for 7-8 hours, removed it from the liquid and shredded it. The pork is tender and delicious on it’s own, perfect for tacos, sandwiches, hash, whatever. But for this sandwich, I took my portion of shredded pork and mixed it with some barbecue sauce I made earlier in the day.

I know I told you guys this was low-prep and I did not lie. I used this sauce, and it took about 90 seconds to make. Dump, whisk, done. It was vinegary, not too sweet, and perfectly delicious when paired with the coleslaw I picked up from the Whole Foods deli. I find that anytime I want coleslaw, I pick it up from the deli, because, honestly, if I made it at home I would end up with 8 cups of it and I’m just not that into coleslaw. Except on this sandwich.


And then I slapped it all on a brioche bun that I had previously frozen. People, in case you were not aware, bread freezes beautifully. I just thaw them on the counter for like 30 minutes and then slice and broil or toast. Then inhale. Obviously.

2 thoughts on “Beer-Braised Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches

    1. Victoria Post author

      This recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, but the ABin5 make awesome freezable buns too. Yes, they’re so handy to have in the freezer!


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