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My name is Victoria. I’m 31 and I’m originally from Chicago, spent a year in Los Angeles after college, lived in Indiana for a few years after that, and now I live outside Seattle with my husband, Brent, my sons, Cormac and Theodore, and our dog, Larry. I’m a mom, registered nurse, avid baker, and I love spending time in the kitchen. In fact I love all things related to food: cooking it, shopping for it, talking about it, writing about it, and of course, eating it. But now, I’ve got a whole lot less time to do most of the above.

When not in the kitchen making an extreme mess, I most often spend my time chasing my crazy preschooler and toddler, watching some sort of trashy television (current favorite – Big Brother), drinking wine, and trying to decide my next renovation project for our 116 year old house. I’m also fiercely loyal to the Chicago Cubs, University of Illinois Illini basketball, and Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

I’ve got a large, loud extended family and I get most of my personality from them. My brutal honesty and general stubbornness come from my mother and my sense of humor and love of the Grateful Dead I get from my father. I’m the oldest of four siblings, and my younger sister attempts to give me advice on staying cool while constantly reminding me how old and out of touch I am.

These are my parents, probably celebrating how awesome I turned out.

I talk a lot on the blog about food, but also quite a bit about my family, my kids including Cormac’s recent autism diagnosis, my random misadventures in our adopted city, which I love, and another else that pops in my mind. So that’s me in a (fairly large) nutshell.

11 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the Blog

  1. Kathy wingert

    I love this website. I have listed it as one of my favorites. I think I will try the lemon cake. Love the pictures. You are the greatest. Kathy

  2. Brent

    You also confused a clove of garlic with a head of garlic, which would have lent an interesting flavor had the loaf cooked properly.

  3. Andrea [bella eats]

    What a great blog you have! I would love to move mine into more of the recipe/photography realm and out of the food journal realm… I’m looking forward to exploring your archives and keeping up with new posts! 🙂

  4. Evey

    I’m in nursing school, originally from Chicago but currently living in Indiana for school.

    I too often travel back to Illinois for family and friends, but I really want to move out of the Midwest and go to California (LA would be so cool!).

    It’s nice to see another fellow midwestern blogger.. and a future nursing student at that! I’m in my junior year and it’s hard to believe, but starting this fall, I will be in the last year of the program.

    Glad I found your blog.. it’s great!

  5. april

    I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! Are you going to be enrolled in an LPN program? congrats! I just finished my LPN program and am going to do an RN one this fall!

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