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Chicken Mole Poblano and Other Weekend Stuff

After only two weeks of 2017, I was ready for a three day weekend. Its hard easing back in after the holidays, isn’t it? Last week was a rough one. Cormac is going through some stuff, and becoming really resistant to therapy, and Teddy is sweet but extremely exhausting right now. So I was thrilled to have back up in the form of Brent for three straight days.


We actually had a really tame weekend. Both boys are super into Legos right now, so we took them back to an old favorite, Wunderkind, a Lego café, near our old house. Brent and I got to drink coffee while the boys built to their heart’s content. It was a really great way to pass the morning.


Saturday afternoon, our friends Ed and Nichole came over to help Brent keg beer that he made forever ago (it’s totally gross; he ignored it for way too long). But Cormac had a lot of fun playing with his buddy, Keaton. We grilled a bunch of steaks and asparagus and roasted potatoes but I took zero pictures because oops.

Sunday we barely had any plans so I decided to take the time to make a slightly more involved recipe – Chicken Mole Poblano from Cook’s Illustrated.


Not so photogenic, huh? I don’t think I’m super familiar with mole, either making or eating it, but it turned out well. I modified the recipe very slightly to eliminate the slice of white bread since Brent and I are doing the Whole30 this month. I didn’t miss it or notice a difference. I was lazy and just served it with roasted potatoes for sopping up the sauce.


And it made a lot of leftovers which is super helpful to have as lunches for the week. For leftovers the next day we served it on these Siete almond flour tortilla we found at Whole Foods. Good stuff.


And we also had haircuts scheduled for the boys. To say they were overdue would be a massive understatement. I was just thrilled they stayed calm and there were no tears.  Teddy did refuse to wear the cape, but I decided to pick my battles. (He is looking so grown up!!)


Aren’t they cute?



I also decided to make some Whole30-friendly snacks because B is a bit of a snacker. I made these Toasted Coconut Curry Cashews from Jessica’s book, Seriously Delish. Everything she makes is delicious.


I used a madras curry powder we had on hand and I thought these turned out pretty tasty.


I gotta say the novelty of the new kitchen definitely hasn’t worn off yet. It’s by far my favorite room in the house. (Not saying much considering how much work every other room in the house needs, but still).

Oh, I also convinced B to go to my hot yoga class with me for the first time yesterday! I was so excited, but B saw ants in the studio during class and it totally ruined the experience for him and he has vowed never to go back. Super tragic. Alas.

Back to the grind today. Teddy’s speech therapist showed up at 8am. Woof.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad

Having babies changes you, you guys. I’m not even talking in the metaphorical, “I’m a whole different person now that I’m a parent” kind of thing. I mean, having my kids seems to have permanently altered my biological makeup.

Back in the day, I used to be freezing ALL. THE. TIME. Like, I was definitely the girl wearing a sweatshirt when it was 75 degrees out. Now? I’m basically sweating and fanning myself if the mercury creeps above 68. It’s tragic really. And on an equally big, yet totally less annoying note, my palate changed. My pregnancy cravings seemed to have turned into real life foods I’m willing to eat now. I used to despise anything “spicy,” and by that I mean anything with a hint of heat – jalapeños, buffalo wings, etc.

Now I’m clearly fine with jalapeños (especially in my margaritas), and buffalo sauce is the condiment my dreams are made of. Seriously. Buffalo sauce + blue cheese is my love language. (I have a lot of love languages and many of them are food and beverage related). So there’s a pub we frequent down the street (because it’s a pub down the street, not because it’s mind-blowingly awesome), and I nearly always order the crispy buffalo chicken salad. I have no serious complaints about it, but I thought I could make it better. I was right.


This is the salad you make when you want to eat buffalo wings for dinner, because, hello, they’re delicious, but you know you should maybe eat a salad. Problem solved. It’s grilled! There are veggies! This is basically health on a plate, guys. Here’s how to make that magic happen.

Whisk together a quick buffalo sauce.

-3/4c Frank’s Red Hot Original
-1/2c melted butter
-2t Worcestershire sauce
-pinch of garlic powder

And set aside 1/4 cup of the sauce. I threw 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs into the remaining 1 cup of sauce and let them marinate there for 30-45 minutes.

Meanwhile, I fired up the grill. I grilled the thighs on medium high (because I like char) for 5-7 minutes on each side until done. Once done, I gave each thigh a quick dunk in the 1/4 cup buffalo sauce. Because sauce = love. It’s a shame I have zero prep photos of this. I’m so bad at taking those.

Anyway, while the chicken was cooking I made a blue cheese dressing.

-1/2c mayonnaise
-1/4c sour cream
-1/4-1/2c whole milk (depending on how thick/thin you like your dressing)
-dash or two of Worcestershire sauce
-1/3-1/2c blue cheese crumbles
-salt and pepper

And whisk. Set aside. And then just chop some veggies. My base was a large head of romaine, and then I used the mandoline to shave 3-4 stalks of celery and 3-4 carrots. Because they serve those with buffalo wings. I’m so damn clever. Obviously if you don’t have a mandoline, you could thinly slice them.

Now combine the veggies, chopped chicken, and as much of the dressing as you’d like and mix it all up! This made 4 servings. And you should make it. Or not. Whatever. I won’t be offended. But you totally should.

Look at that, y’all! I blogged a recipe. Probably for the first time in several years. Dang. AND would you believe I have another one coming up tomorrow? Truthsauce.