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  1. Spring Is Here (For Now)

    April 14, 2014 by Victoria

    Guys, it is seriously gorgeous in Seattle right now. This weekend was glorious. We ran a few errands on Saturday because I’m in full on nesting mode and going crazy about closet organizers, and we ended with a trip to Redhook Brewery & Pub for some beer, lunch and sunshine.


    Cormac ran around burning off some energy while we waited for a seat. Then there was beer.

    WP_20140412_008 (2)And I had this ridiculous “salad.” Um, yeah, loved it.

    WP_20140412_009 (2)And Cormac flirted like crazy with the little girl at the table next to us.

    WP_20140412_013 (2)And… passed out hard on the way home.

    WP_20140412_015 (2)Look how big he is! How did that happen?! Agh!

    And sunday was crazy beautiful as well. We felt compelled to get out of the house whether we wanted to or not. The sun forced us out.

    WP_20140413_015We spent the morning in Fremont checking out the Sunday market and walked over to Gasworks Park. It could not have been more perfect. Cormac pointed out boats and hydroplanes, and of course dogs, and babies.


    And we just generally rolled around in the grass soaking up our Vitamin D.




    My Facebook feed just filled up with posts from Chicago and Indiana complaining about snow today. So sorry, my midwest friends.

  2. Current Favorites

    April 2, 2014 by Victoria

    Things are definitely back to normal around here. My appetite is back with a vengeance. Cormac is running around like crazy. And I think spring is even trying to make an appearance in Seattle. Overall it’s pretty great.

    More things we’ve been loving:

    Hummus. Cormac has become obsessed with it. It’s become his go-to restaurant meal, and we bought him a bunch of the single-serve Sabra hummus cups at Costco this weekend.

    WP_20140324_011Chicken and Waffles. I love it! So much. This was at Local 360, one of our favorite brunch spots, this past weekend. I demolished it.


    Dinner with friends. We had our friends over Sunday evening for dinner and I made this lasagna. I thought it was pretty good. Brent thought it was a bit bland, but we had no trouble polishing off the leftovers for lunch.


    Steak salad. People, I. Am. Obsessed. It’s definitely my current craving. All I want is steak salad with blue cheese. We’ve made it multiple times in the past week.

    WP_20140329_021Cupcakes! Well, I have a crazy sweet tooth in general right now, but I particularly loved these Trophy cupcakes. There was chocolate stout, triple coconut, strawberry lemonade and carrot walnut. I promise I shared with Brent, at least a little bit.


    The crockpot. I made this Slow Cooker Coconut Pork Curry for dinner tonight. I did all the prep during nap time, stuck some rice in the programmable rice cooker, and dinner was ready at 6pm while Cormac and I were able to hang out with friends from 4-6. And dinner was delicious. (But if you make it, halve the broth.) That is one genius appliance.


    And now I’m off to fold laundry (not a favorite) and desperately hope Brent brings me home some chocolate.