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  1. In the Kitchen

    May 20, 2015 by Victoria

    I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been cooking. I know I’m unlike most people, but honestly I have way more motivation and energy with a newborn than I did being pregnant. I pretty much loathe pregnancy and my body agrees. Anyway, back to the kitchen. On the weekends, Brent often cooks dinner (and Brent also makes all of us breakfast 90% of the time. I’m not fully functional before coffee). Then on Mondays, I meet with my moms group for a playdate in the afternoon, so I like to do a make ahead or crock pot dinner. I prepped a few freezer meals while pregnant, including the make ahead meatballs from Seriously Delish. So this past Monday, I threw half a batch of the meatballs into the crockpot with a jar of tomato sauce, and when Brent got home from work, I assembled these meatball sandwiches with basil and provolone, broiled them for 2 minutes to get melty, and dinner was done.


    Another meal I made and froze in advance a huge batch of this Smoky White Bean Chicken Chili. Frozen soups and chilis are the easiest thing ever for a week night meal. Last night I was feeling Ex.Haust.Ed. So freaking tired you guys. But I did not have to rely on pizza delivery because I just threw the frozen chili into a pot and 10 minutes later we had dinner. 


    We receive Blue Apron almost every single week and I love it. It’s probably not for everyone, but since I love cooking, but just have trouble finding time to meal plan these days, it’s perfect for us. So I use that for 3 dinners a week. I do the prep/chopping during nap time and then it usually only takes 15 minutes or so to cook right before Brent gets home. We’ve had some good ones lately, like this Pork & Tomatillo Posole.


    And this White Pizza.

    IMG_2943That pizza was a big winner with Brent. Apparently he loves pea tips. Pea tips! Who knew?

    For lunches, Brent and I try to make a big batch of soup or grain salad on Sunday to eat throughout the week. This week: Quinoa Salad with Black Beans & Mangoes. Brent is currently in love with mangoes.

    IMG_3041 And sometimes, like today, we go out to the zoo and Cormac just eats his weight in blueberries for lunch.

    IMG_3125He needed them for energy. So he could climb this rope wall that is clearly meant for much bigger kids.

    IMG_3130And finally, how freaking cute are my kids?!

    IMG_3116That’s all. Gushing over.

  2. Theodore’s One Month Update

    May 11, 2015 by Victoria

    Guys, I had a baby, and it’s already been a month. Kind of mind-blowing. Where does the time go? Theodore Joseph Monroe joined us on April 10th, 2015, very quickly and punctually on his due date. He was born a little over an hour after I got to the hospital, and I was informed even if I wanted drugs, they weren’t an option at that point. Recovery for me was super quick. By one week post-partum I didn’t even feel like I had had a baby. Emotionally, things were a bit bittersweet. His birth came only a couple weeks before the anniversary of Alfie’s death and the lead up to that, combined with whacky hormones definitely made me much more teary-eyed than I remember being after Cormac was born.

    Poor Teddy had a bit of a rougher physical recovery, with a 5 day stay in the special care nursery.


    He was born 8lbs 14oz and 21″ long. Because he came so quickly, not all of the fluid was pushed out of his lungs, so he came out really grunting quite a bit, and after several hours he was still grunting, so they took him to the special care nursery, where he was admitted for a work up. They found out he had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) on his right side. We later found out he also had a broken right clavicle and a right brachial plexus nerve injury, which he’s getting at home PT exercises for. After being on oxygen for a couple days, his pneumothorax healed but he developed pretty severe jaundice and had to be in an isolette on phototherapy and we weren’t able to hold him for two days. Overall the days after he was born were kind of depressing and stressful, but when we finally took him home it was literally the best feeling ever. Lots of emotions guys. It was a long journey.

    So where are we at now? Basically as expected. Totally sleep-deprived and exhausted from chasing a crazy rambunctious toddler and being up with a newborn all night long. Cormac had two days of acting out toward his brother (as in, hitting him on the head while he was nursing), but since then he’s been super sweet to him. He was definitely not sure what to make of him at their first meeting in the hospital.


    And he’s pretty rough with some of the baby things like the swing and the pack n play, but overall he really seems to dote on him. He’s obsessed with kissing him, rubbing his back and trying to give him his pacifier.


    So at one month, Teddy is nursing every 2-3 hours. I keep hoping for atleast one 4 hour stretch overnight, but that has yet to happen. He’s a better eater than Cormac was at this stage, and I think he’s around 9lbs 12oz right now (he lost quite a bit in the hospital). He does not really take a pacifier, as much as I’d like him to.

    Sleep is not great. In addition to eating every 2-3 hours around the clock, it usually takes about an hour to put him back to sleep, so I’m usually only getting an hour and half of sleep in between nighttime wake ups. Also, this kid really loves being awake between 3 and 5am. Seriously, most nights he wakes up between 3-3:30am and it takes until 5ish to get him back to sleep. Not so much fun.


    His likes include: laying on Brent’s chest, walks in the stroller, and his vibrating bouncer. The stroller is definitely pretty heavy with both kids in it, but it’s already getting a ton of use since I walk most places every day, like the grocery store and the park. I mostly love that it isn’t too much bigger than a single stroller so it’s fairly easy to navigate around stores and such.


    He pretty much hangs out in the bouncer every night for 20 minutes while the rest of us eat dinner. It is super helpful. I’ve also found that with having two, I need more places to put Teddy down during the day, unlike when I just held Cormac most of the time as a newborn. So we’ve got the bouncer, Mamaroo, and the Rock N Play. Basically every room in the house is littered with baby gear right now.


    Poor Teddy is definitely going to have the curse of the younger sibling. Nearly every single person who has seen him has commented on how he “looks just like Cormac,” which is definitely true. Luckily, I happen to think Cormac is pretty cute. He’s definitely a bit fussy, but all babies are (that’s what I tell myself anyway), so it’s pretty much what I expected as far as that goes.


    Cormac really likes to tell me “he’s upset” and “he needs a pacifier” when Teddy cries, which I find pretty funny. He’s also much more sensitive to things that annoy him than Cormac was. Teddy cannot handle when his diaper is even remotely wet or dirty. Seriously. We’ll be moving him to Cormac’s old cloth diapers in a couple weeks and it will save us so much garbage. This kid is flying through diapers.


    He also hated his first several baths, but last night he didn’t cry at all during it, so I’m kind of hoping he’s turned a corner on that. I can’t believe it’s already been a month. Coming up we have his one month well child visit this week, a follow up ultrasound for his enlarged kidney at the end of the month, and his follow up at the brachial plexus clinic at Seattle Children’s Hospital on June 3rd.

    The boys are keeping me super busy, but so far (knock on wood), it’s been manageable. We’ve gotten out of the house nearly every single day. I’ve managed to make dinner every night (excepts Fridays – yay for take out!), and I’m keeping myself fed via these delicious cookies. Here’s hoping month two brings a little bit more sleep!