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  1. Afternoon Adventure

    April 28, 2016 by Victoria

    One of the few silver linings to the fact my children don’t seem to need naps, is that it can free up more time for fun!

    Teddy took a late morning nap so I assumed he would not likely take an afternoon one today. So why not do a bit of exploring? Living in north Seattle and hating to drive means I don’t really get out of my little northeast Seattle bubble all that much, so I made an effort to head south today and decided to hit up the Museum of Flight.

    Cormac loves vehicles of any kind and was super into it. He was engrossed before we even made it into the front door.

    We were able to watch several airplanes taking off the runways in front of the museum. And then obviously in the Great Gallery, we hit the plane jackpot!

    “This is a green plane, but I’m looking to find a red plane!”

    Obviously we had to test out one or two cockpits.

    And then we spent some time oooohhhhing and aaaahhhing over helicopters.

    “I like helicopters because they have propellers.”

    This is one of the first times I saw Cormac really engaging in a museum setting and he kept asking, “what does this say?” and “what kind of airplane is that?”

    Guess I should have done some studying first!

    On our way home we randomly passed what looked like a giant hat and I thought to myself, “hey I think I’ve heard of that hat!” so we pulled over to check it out.

    Cormac thought this was hilarious. “These are so big boots! I think these boots will fit me!” and then dissolving into a fit of giggles.

    It’s amazing how long you can live in a city and still have so much left to see. I love exploring it all with these guys!

  2. Uncle Ross Visits Seattle

    April 23, 2016 by Victoria

    My close friend, and one of the boys’ favorite surrogate uncles, came to visit last week! Well, he was here for a work conference, but then stayed for a few days after to hang out. Because we’re super fun, obviously. So we put him to work reading stories right away.


    Thursday morning we had big plans. We drove to Issaquah to show Uncle Ross the new house and scope out the area. It got his stamp of approval.


    So one of my very favorite Ross stories ever was a long time ago, a bunch of us took a trip to New York, and at some point Ross said “I just don’t feel like we’ve done anything ‘New Yorky’ yet.” This was said after eating pizza, seeing a Broadway show, etc… Apparently he wanted to go to the top of the Empire State Building as a stereotypically New York thing. So now we give him crap about it. Because that’s what friends are for. Obviously we had no choice but to eat lunch at the top of the Space Needle.

    img_6518.jpg  It was the most stereotypically Seattle thing I could think of. And Cormac was very excited about it. He got a free souvenir Space Needle lunch box!


    And he kept repeating, “we’re inside the space needle!” and “the space needle is moving!”


    Lunch was followed by a quick trip to the observation deck.  

    If that pic doesn’t say “I’m a dude who visited Seattle,” I don’t know what does.


    And on the way out we saw a Hawaiian band and Cormac started jamming. It just about made my heart explode to see him so happy.


    Later that night Ross and I went to play pub trivia – we came in dead last!!! I carried the Prince category, but honestly it turns out our combined knowledge is pretty meager. After our disappointing loss we made a side trip to see the Fremont Troll (another true Seattle experience for Uncle Ross!).


    On Friday, we had zero plans but I knew with Cormac having no school that we should probably make an attempt to keep everyone entertained. So we took a boat ride!


    A ferry ride to Bainbridge Island to be more exact. And Cormac was loooooooving it.


    He was basically running around in circles jumping and repeating, “We’re on a boat across the water!”


    It was a bit windy, but turns out Teddy thinks the wind is hilarious, so everyone had fun.


    When we got to Bainbridge, we went to the Kids Discovery Museum a few blocks from the ferry terminal. A kids museum is always a hit.

    Uncle Ross was more than happy to help Cormac chase down balls and play with all the exhibits.

    Confession: I think I had more fun playing with this giant Lite Brite than either of my kids. Definitely a big childhood favorite for me.


    After running around and expending plenty of energy, we went out to lunch and then grabbed a spot on the ferry back to Seattle. So much excitement wore both the boys out! They both ended up falling asleep on the drive back home.

    Then of course Friday night Ross and I ordered pizza, stayed up way to late, watched super trashy TV and he let me take over his Tinder account swiping for a hot second – it’s so addictive!

    Had to drop Uncle Ross off at the airport today, but we’ll see him again in less than two months when we reconvene with a bunch of our friends for a Cape Cod vacation!