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  1. School’s Out

    June 25, 2015 by Victoria

    Last week was the end of “summer school” for Cormac’s preschool. That means it’s now me and both boys all day every day, which means getting out of the house at least once a day or risk Cormac climbing the walls and hanging from the ceiling like the wild monkey he is.

    Luckily we’re fortunate to live in such a kid-friendly area in a beautiful city, so there’s no shortage of things to do. Plus, Teddy is really good-natured and not particularly fussy, which makes me feel more confident dragging both kids around town. With the zoo being less than 2 miles from our house, and Cormac being an animal-loving toddler, of course we’ve got a membership. It’s a really easy way to kill a morning, which we did on Tuesday.

    Cormac’s favorite animal remains the giraffes. Last year he even fed them on his birthday! But this week we made stops to see the lion cubs. When I told Cormac we were going to see the baby lions, he kept repeating “baby brother lions!” at the top of his lungs.


    All the animals were hanging out in the shade on this hot morning, including this big gorilla.


    We also checked out the new tiger and sloth bear exhibits, and Cormac got the shock of his life when the sloth bear walked right up to him at the glass. Five seconds after I took the photo Cormac was running in the other direction freaking out.


    We also checked out the flamingo exhibit because Cormac’s favorite color seems to be pink, so he likes any opportunity to point out pink things.

    IMG_4433 And we always end every zoo trip with a quick stop at the farm area so Cormac can play on the tractor. I get the feeling sometimes he might have preferred that we stay in Indiana to raise him on a farm or something.

    IMG_4437This kid just really cracks me up. It may be exhausting taking care of the boys all day every day, but I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do it.

    IMG_4435_2We’re having like the hottest summer ever here in Seattle. (Seriously, where are my 60 degree temps and overcast skies?!), so to cool off for a bit, we also hit up the North Acres splash park this week.

    IMG_4495Cormac just ran around getting splash in the face while shrieking. Basically he was completely in his element.


    Poor Teddy was stuck hanging out with me on the blanket. It’s crazy to think next summer they’ll be running around together.


    This morning, we hung out at Alki Beach for a couple hours. Those who know me know that I’m loathe to drive, especially more than 5 miles from my house, but I had to stop by my work in West Seattle anyway, so I figured we might as well make a morning of it.

    IMG_4601We just laid out a beach blanket, filled our dump truck with rocks and sand and watched water taxis and ferries go back and forth. Well, Cormac and I did. Teddy just slept through it all.


    IMG_4590Sometimes I really have to stop any mental complaining I’m doing and just acknowledge how grateful I am for all the beautiful things in my life. I think I’ve still got some bittersweetness leftover from losing Alfie, gaining Teddy and just life in general, but this morning, everything just seemed peaceful and perfect.

    IMG_4638_2Summer is flying by. It’s already nearly July, and Brent has all of August off work so we’re traveling for most of that month. So glad we’re soaking up this pacific northwest summer while we can!


  2. Father’s Day Weekend

    June 22, 2015 by Victoria

    Brent and I have been killing it on the weekends, you guys. Not really, but we’ve been proud of ourselves for consistently getting out of the house with both kids regardless. Saturday we had plans to head to the Washington Brewer’s Festival at Marymoor Park for Brent’s Father’s Day “gift.” It’s the same thing we did last year, so I guess it’s sort of our tradition.

    The weather was perfect, the kids were cooperative and I think everyone had a good time.


    Brent always likes to say nothing is fun as a parent anymore; it’s just parenting in a different location.


    We’ve been to beer festivals that have a way bigger selection of breweries, but I love how family friendly this one is, and the park setting is perfect. We just threw down a blanket and all had lunch mid-way through our beer tent rounds.

    Cormac is recently OBSESSED with watermelon, so he basically ate his weight in fruit.


    Meanwhile Brent and I grabbed our food from some food trucks, a crazy double burger with a bone marrow bun (what?!) from Bread and Circuses for him:


    (That photo is not adequately displaying the messiness, nor his love for that burger.) He said it was worth the probably heart attack. And I had BBQ pork tacos on fry bread from Off the Rez.


    Ignore the gross blanket. The tacos were legit. So good, you guys.

    Post-lunch we resumed our beer drinking (and Teddy feeding).



    Once home, we put both boys down for naps (Cormac took a 3 hour nap!), and Brent and I just lounged on the couch and finished off Orange is the New Black.

    On Sunday, Brent celebrated Father’s Day by making the whole house breakfast, as he does. We had huevos rancheros from Blue Apron.

    IMG_4290He does good work. Then, in an effort to tire Cormac out, we went to the new Artists at Play playground at Seattle Center.


    This place was crazy. Kids these days have such cool playgrounds. Pretty sure my park growing up had a slide, 3 swings and a busted see-saw.

    Cormac particularly loved this big round swing thing,


    and throwing these rocks onto these metal cymbals.

    IMG_4317 A lot of the rope walls were just way too advanced for him, but he still got a little adventurous.



    I tried to get a picture of Brent with the boys, but getting full cooperation from all of them is pretty impossible.


    And for dinner, Brent got to relax with beer (after mowing the lawn), while I made fried chicken and salad. I used the recipe for The Dutch’s Fried Chicken from Fried & True, and Art Smith’s recipe for Swiss Chard Salad with Lemon and Pine Nuts from the same book.



    Big win. We’re slowly working our way through all the recipes in that book. I really want to make Marcus Samuelsson’s coconut fried chicken next.

    We ended the night by walking to get ice cream (the whole neighborhood had the same idea, it was packed).

    Cormac being told we were getting ice cream:


    And actually eating the ice cream:


    Really great weekend guys. I think Brent enjoyed it. On the walk home he said, “If I had to go back in time and decide whether or not to get married and have kids again, I’d still do it.” High praise for family life, huh?


    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!