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  1. A Day in the Life With Teddy

    September 17, 2015 by Victoria


    Teddy (I honestly forget his name is Theodore sometimes) is already 5 months old! I thought for his monthly update, I’d just do a “‘day in the life” type post because I did a similar post when Cormac was a few months old. (Spoiler alert – Teddy does less screaming)

    Here’s what yesterday looked like. Teddy woke up at midnight and 4am to nurse and Brent got up with the boys at 7am and started on breakfast and coffee while letting me “sleep in” until 8am. Brent had given Teddy a bottle from the fridge when he got up at 7, which means I had to pump first thing in the morning. (Ugh).


    Breakfast was this leftover quiche/frittata thing I made with potatoes, spinach, onions and bacon, topped with some avocado. And coffee. Always coffee. Brent went upstairs to get ready for work, while I let Teddy entertain himself, via the jumperoo. He loves those little veggies on strings.


    And I ran around trying to get Cormac ready for preschool, making his lunch, and prevent him from killing himself in the process.


    Don’t worry. He informed me he was “being safe.” Brent and Cormac left around 8:50. (Brent takes him on the bus and drops him off on the way to work), and Teddy and I hung out playing for a bit.

    He started getting a bit fussy and seemed tired around 9:30, so I fed him and put him down for a nap. During his morning nap, I usually try to sneak some yoga in, and I had gotten through most of my session when Teddy decided 25 minutes worth of napping was plenty. I didn’t agree, but I got him out of bed anyway.

    Next up was our near daily run to the grocery store. I stuck Teddy in the stroller and off we went to grab some dinner ingredients.


    The store is only a couple blocks away so it’s usually only a 20 minute run. It’s a nice, easy excuse to get out of the house. Back at home, we just laid around on the floor, rolling around and practicing our push-ups.


    Man, this dude is just one happy baby. His sleep is definitely unimpressive, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from smiling. Speaking of sleep, I knew he was still tired from his barely there nap earlier, and I knew he couldn’t stay awake until after we picked up Cormac from school, so I fed him and put him down for a nap again around 11:30.

    I used my exciting break to take a shower and wash a load of dishes. whoowhee, fun stuff. Teddy was still sleeping, so I managed to eat lunch by myself (always a treat). I was super lazy and just ate some leftovers from the previous night’s dinner and some ants on a log.


    Then, I was faced with a  bit of a bummer. It was 12:40. My baby was actually still sleeping! BUT I had to pick Cormac up from school at 1. UGH. I was forced to wake a sleeping baby. The worst.


    He was passed out hard. I’m convinced it would have been an epic 3 hour nap, but alas, such is the curse of the younger child. He gets schlepped everywhere. The preschool is only  little over a mile away, so we were  back home 15 minutes later. Cormac goes down for a  nap shortly after we get home, usually by 1:30. Sometimes he naps, sometimes he just plays in his room. I don’t usually care either way as long as he gets some quiet alone time.

    Timing worked out well because right after I put Cormac in his room, we had a delivery. Due to all Teddy’s night time wakings, I decided I needed a more comfortable chair in the nursery, so when I saw Amazon randomly had a one day sale on this one for 80% off, I jumped on it. Teddy tested it out for me, and I think he approved.


    (After more wakings/feedings last night, I can confirm this is much more comfortable than the old IKEA chair we were using. As punishment for me waking him from his nap, Teddy seemed determined not to give me an afternoon nap, so he just hung out watching me do a ton of cloth diaper laundry.


    Like I said, at least he’s usually pretty happy about not napping. Cormac actually fell asleep, so I decided to get some dinner prep in while he was napping. I stuck Teddy in his highchair with a mummum so he could keep an eye on me while I prepped these salmon patties.


    Cormac woke up and continued his “safe” escapades.

    And Teddy started to melt down from lack of napping. I tried valiantly to put him down for another nap but no amount of feeding/rocking/soothing was helping. Both boys were super wound up and I began my near daily texting of Brent for an ETA while trying to finish making dinner and keep both boys semi-calm.

    Brent got home at 5:35, just as I finished dinner and got Teddy calm again. Cormac continued to run around shrieking but that’s just kind of what Cormac does. I ate dinner one handed while bouncing Teddy on my lap.


    Not a gorgeous meal, but it did the trick. And then both boys were still going a bit crazy so we took them out for a little post-dinner walk, which is what we often do when we’re trying to kill time until bath/bedtime. Teddy was so exhausted that he passed out hard like 3 minutes after we left the house.


    What a troll. By this point it was 6:30, so we just came back and I ended up feeding him and putting him to bed by 7pm while Brent entertained Cormac. Then at 7, Brent ran to the gym while I put Cormac to bed. And once Brent got home at 7:50, I headed over to my friend’s house to babysit.

    I got home at 10:30, watched Big Brother with Brent and then fell asleep for an hour before Teddy was awake – he was up at 12:30 and 4:30 last night. Sigh, lucky he’s cute.

    So at 5 months, I think he weighs around 15lbs 10oz. He’s in 9 month clothes. He rolls around non stop and can scoot himself a couple feet. I think he’s working on getting onto his knees, but I hope he waits awhile to crawl. He’s getting some solids but not on a set schedule or anything. Mostly he just gums things we eat that are appropriate for him, like the roasted sweet potatoes from dinner. His naps are a bit of a mess, but they’re an improvement from a couple weeks ago. His nighttime sleep is not great, but, it too, is better than it was a month ago. He has his next kidney ultrasound and urology follow up on October 1st. Oh, and his very favorite thing in life is watching Cormac. He could seriously do that all day long.

  2. Theodore’s 4 Month Update

    August 26, 2015 by Victoria

    For shame guys. It’s nearly September and I’m just getting around to writing Teddy’s monthly update. It has been a crazy busy August! Brent took the entire month off for his paternity leave. We took a trip to the Oregon coast. We took a multi-state trip to the Midwest. Ex.Haust.Ing. And in the midst of it, Teddy kept growing and smiling.

    image2 (2)

    This kid. I just feel so lucky to have him. I know every parent probably compares their subsequent children to their first child but I definitely feel some guilt in doing so. Maybe because Teddy’s arrival never felt like a guarantee, but I feel a bit of guilt looking back knowing I was definitely not this over the moon with Cormac at 4 months. Anyway, both boys are the best.

    image1 (2)

    At four months, Teddy is a physical beast. So, so, so much moving guys. He’s rolling (NONSTOP), grabbing toys with gusto, and kicking up a storm in the bath. We’ve had no choice but to ditch the swaddle. He covers every square inch of his crib mattress at night by rolling and scooting.

    SLEEP: Is… always a struggle isn’t it? He definitely hit a bit of the four month regression and his nap time plummeted to only a half hour at a time. I’ll give him credit it though – he seems to be an adaptable traveler just like his big brother. He slept great on both vacations, in a variety of locations and time zones! We’ve started some sleep training related to the fact that he wakes up every time he rolls over (which has turned into hourly all night long).

    EATING: Breastfeeding 7ish times a day. Getting bottles on the days I’m at work. Just got the all clear from his doc to start solids because she said he was clearly physically ready  since he’s been trying to sit up on his own and grab our food. Brent let him taste some avocado and we gave him a bit of oat cereal per his doc’s recommendation. He immediately tried to grab the spoon and do it himself, so we’re definitely planning on doing the Baby Led Weaning route with Teddy like we did with C. Fingers crossed his appetite is as good as his brother’s!

    image1 (3)

    PLAYING: Favorite toys are his piano playmat, the fruit teether Brent picked up for him, and he just started using his jumperoo!

    image2 (3)

    Elsewhere, Teddy has been loving watching big bro Cormac, sitting up and watching the world around him, and hanging out enjoying the PacNW summer. He’s into his 6 month clothes, and started wearing some 9 month clothes. He doesn’t really love his car seat, but he handled the 6 hour trip to the coast like a champ, and maintained his composure on both cross-country flights. His current stats are:

    Height: 27.1″ (97th percentile)

    Weight: 15lbs 7.3oz (37th percentile)

    Head circumference: 43.3cm (84th percentile)

    We make ‘em tall and skinny with big heads :)

    Cannot wait to see what the next month holds with this sweet pea.

    image3 (1)