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  1. Getting Settled

    July 27, 2016 by Victoria

    We moved in just over a month ago and we’re starting to feel settled, both physically and metaphorically. I had all the boxes unpacked within the first 2-3 days because I’m a nutter like that, but everything else has been a little slower.

    The only “finished” rooms in the house are the boys’ rooms. I painted, unpacked and “decorated” Cormac’s room within a week because I knew he needed to feel at home and comfortable as soon as possible. Cormac got the bigger of the two upstairs bedrooms (it’s the former “master” bedroom and has its own tiny bathroom, which was ideal since he’s independent when it comes to going to the bathroom  at night.)

    He told me he wanted an “orange room” and I think he’s happy with it. Both the boys have attic bedrooms and I think sloped walls can feel a bit claustrophobic so I painted it bright white and added a simple pattern of orange star decals that I found in the clearance section of PB kids. Decals are brilliant for kids rooms I think.

    I also did a little race track section with these Blik decals I found at Land of Nod. His walls were just rounded out with “a big big C” and some vehicle art from his old room.


    His bed and blanket are the same he’s had for years, but I did get him some new blue and orange truck sheets that made him happy. Oh, and a “really big tire rug” that he happily rolls around on like a weirdo.


    Teddy’s room is much smaller but still fits everything he needs with plenty of room to crawl around.

    His room also got bright white paint, along with some black out curtains and a few fun, cheap garland.


    Most of his stuff just moved from the old house right in here (and he’s less aware of the big move, so I admit to spending less time trying to make it super fun for him. Teddy is easy to please.)


    Everything else around the house needs some combination of work, paint or furniture to finish it, but it’s slowly feeling a bit more like home. The big fun is going to start October 1st when we totally tear out this beast of a kitchen!

    Literally can’t wait! It is so so bad. It is totally  nonfunctional and basically falling apart. I swear I’m not insane, or a princess who needs everything perfect. This picture makes the kitchen look like 20x nicer than it is. It’s going to be so good! I mean, it’s going to suck for 8-12 weeks, but then it’s going to be so good!

    We’re also working on feeling settled in our new town and with our new routine: we’ve got music class on mondays, Little Gym and speech therapy on tuesdays, occupational therapy on wednesdays, and more therapy on fridays. It’s a lot of “work” combined with a little bit of fun. There’s not a ton of down time but we’ve been exploring the huge network of trails on the Issaquah Alps right outside our back door.

    Our access to hiking cannot be beat, and has been a huge perk of the move.

    We’ve also been exploring new parks, and we love the one a couple blocks from our house.

    But the views are pretty nice from the neighborhood about 3 miles from us, so we like exploring their parks too.


    Surprisingly, even though we just moved and have been super busy, we’ve been cooking most meals. I actually attribute that to the utter and tragic lack of delivery options over here in Issaquah, but we’re surviving.

    My mom and aunt both work for Weber, and helped me get a new grill for the back deck and I love the easiness of throwing a bunch of stuff on the grill and having dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes.


    We also have Cormac’s birthday party coming up in a week and a half, which will be fun (he wants a Poliwag Pokemon cake!). Filling a house up with people always makes it feel a bit more like home to me.

  2. Day Out With Thomas

    July 15, 2016 by Victoria

    I’ve learned nearly all little boys like trains, apparently. It seems unavoidable. Cormac is no exception, although he pretty much loves any kind of vehicle. So a week or so ago, on a whim, I bought us tickets to go see Thomas at the Northwest Railway Museum. The museum is super close to us now, which was a big part of why I thought it would be an easy excursion. And with no school during the summer, I’m always looking for new ways to fill our days.


    We bought tickets for the first train of the day, which worked out well because the event wasn’t too crowded yet, and the train was on time. We’ve been to other events there later in the day and the trains tend to start running late. The train ride was just a quick, scenic and calm 25 minute ride, passing old trains and Snoqualmie Falls on the way. (Obviously Cormac had to bring his Thomas with us to “meet the big Thomas.”)


    Neither of my kids were interested in allowing me to get a cute picture on the train. Clearly that was way too much to ask.


    Cormac’s favorite part was that the crew went around giving all the kids a Junior Engineer Certificate. I’m sure he had no clue what it was, but it seemed to make his day.


    After the ride we were able to get closer to Thomas. By the way, Thomas was definitely not a real engine. It was basically like a giant toy train thing attached to the front of the train, not that Cormac seemed to notice. There  was an opportunity to stand in line to get an official picture in front of Thomas, but Cormac said, “No I don’t want my picture.”


    So, after waving hello to Thomas, we also hit up the big tent filled with train tables.


    And then, because I’m a sucker and my kids are probably spoiled, Cormac picked out the “crane train” from the gift shop and I bought it for him. (He’s mentioned wanting a crane train for over a year.)


    It was an easy and fun morning, though I don’t know that we’d go again next year. The tickets were like $23 or so each and while Cormac liked the train ride and thought it was fun to see “the big Thomas,” he’s just not super into a lot of hoopla. But maybe Teddy will be a train fiend. We’ll have to see.